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  1. Evidence of a plan or design that was crafted on paper FIRST.
  2. Evidence of many different polygons and a circle (or semicircle).
  3. Evidence of at least one sub procedure that uses a variable and a calling procedure with the name “CITY.”
  4. Evidence of the use of Trigonometry and the Pythagorean Theorem.
  5. Evidence of the use of the coordinate grid.
  6. Evidence of the use of color.
  7. Evidence of the use of motion with a procedure that loops. This can be a turtle walking down the road.
  8. A level of sophistication appropriate for a college level mathematics course.
Your city will include:
  1. Street(s)
  2. Building(s)
  3. Day or night time background color
You may use multiple turtles.
You may use sound.
You may use other shapes.