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This wiki contains a series of Turtle Math lessons. While many folks might recall learning about Logo in the 1970's or the 1980's, it is one of the most effective computer environments for learning the basics of shape and measurement. Accurate planning and writing of Logo code requires a practical and first hand knowledge of right triangle mathematics. The following series of lessons will challenge learners of all ages. Note that the graphics for my lessons were taken on either a Mac or PC running Terrapin Logo. The Topic Tool Matrix provides an overview of the mathematics content and vocabulary found in each lesson and the turtle commands that are introduced.

Feature Page: Scratch Coordinate Plane

Change the abscissa (x-coordinate) and the ordinate (y coordinate) with theses commands.

Feature Page: Scratch Regular Polygons


Circles in Logo - Old lesson but good content on circumference!

Lesson Plan - Transformations on the Coordinate Grid

Kyle Murphy created a lesson on transformations that has students move the cat around the coordinate grid to catch mice. Check out his lesson on this new Cat and Mouse Lesson page Kyle presented this lesson at the 2013 Indiana Council of Mathematics Teachers Annual meeting.

Ball State University pre-service teachers program in Scratch

Emilie Carrison wrote a program where the monsters, when selected, will be reflected across the x or y-axis.
Hannah's program categorizes angle measures that are entered by a student.
Matt created an Asteroid A-Void game using Scratch.

Terrapin Logo FYI
  • Note that the commands that you type into the listener window are temporary UNLESS you define a *procedure. Use a procedure if you want to save your coding between sessions so it does not have to be retyped. Watch the video below to learn more about creating procedures with variables.
  • To save a file: Click on "save as workspace" in the File menu and rename the file every time you add a new procedure.
  • To load a file: Click on "load to workspace" in the File menu and upload your saved file.

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Favorite technologies include Fathom, Tinkerplots, Geometer's Sketchpad, Geogebra, Terrapin Logo, Green Globs, Spreadsheets and SKETCHUP!

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